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Our Services

At Resto Pros, we offer a wide range of services to meet all your automotive needs.

From basic maintenance to complete restoration and custom builds, you can rest assured that your vehicle will get the highest quality service around.

Our services include:

We carry out repairs, replace with new and custom make all interior components.

We can repair, replace and maintain your vehicle so it runs smoothly and without heartache or worry.

Our expertise and qualifications have earned us a reputation as the go-to professionals for metal fabrication.

Our Body repair division is highly resourced with tooling and equipment, and the highly skilled and qualified team that goes with it. 

High quality 2pac finishes from high quality refinishing masters.

Our Assembly experts are here to put your vehicle back together with precision and pride.

Keep your vehicle looking spotless and maintain its value with our professional detailing service.

Our team is here to craft the perfect customized design for any of your automotive needs.

To maintain the integrity of your vehicle’s metal, electroplating is an popular optional step during the vehicle restoration process.

Hassle-free auto electrical services ensuring high quality work and professional results.

Vehicle inspections with comprehensive mechanical and body checks, providing all the relevant information you need.

Comprehensive 123-point mechanical inspection to ensure your vehicle is safe and in optimal condition.

Confidential Resto Rescue© services to help you get the results you expect for your vehicle.

Make Your Dream Project a Reality

We take great pride in the work we do and find immense joy in helping bring your ideas to life. Rest assured that when you contact us, you will be met with a team of dedicated professionals who are committed to making your vision a reality.

Auto Trimming

As a trusted authority in complete automotive restoration, Resto Pros brings a highly skilled team to seamlessly repair or replace or customize any interior trim that needs attention, from seat covers to door trims and floor covers.

Our expertise enables us to create what you envision, your vehicle’s interior will look and feel just as stylish and comfortable as the day it rolled off the assembly line. Let us take care of all your auto trimming needs – your car will thank you for it!


As experts in mechanical restoration, Resto Pros go beyond just swapping out parts. We are dedicated to optimising and enhancing the performance of your vehicle’s mechanical system, from annual servicing and general maintenance to vehicle inspections and full underbody (suspension, brake systems, exhaust systems, etc.)

Trust us to maintain and repair your motor, engine bay and more to keep your automobile running smoothly and efficiently.

Metal Fab

As experienced professionals in the field of metal fabrication, we’ve earned a reputation that speaks for itself.

With a proven track record of outstanding service and superior craftsmanship, our team is highly recommended by clients who expect nothing but the best.

Body work

Our team’s passion for quality body work shines through in every project we undertake.

With precise attention to detail and a commitment to excellence, we take pride in transforming your beloved vehicle. Say goodbye to those dents and scratches!


We utilise our DeBeers paint system and advanced equipment to elevate your paint job to the highest level of excellence.

Our techniques ensure a truly flawless finish that will leave your surface looking expertly crafted and expertly curated.


When it comes to assembling your vehicle, you need a team of experts who understand the critical nature of the task.

Our professionals have years of experience under their belts and an eye for detail when assembling your vehicle.

Professional Detailing

Keep your car looking immaculate and maintain its value with our detailing services. Trust us to provide the attention to detail and quality craftsmanship that your car deserves.

Hand Lettering / Pinstriping

Our custom painting services are tailored specifically to your automotive needs, so you get exactly what you’re looking for.

Whether you’re seeking a vintage feel or modern edge, we specialise in bringing your vision to life through our skilfully applied techniques.


As an essential process for restoration, electroplating is a must-consider option for those who aim to preserve and maintain the quality of their vehicles’ metallic components over time.

Auto Electrical

Save the hassle and bring your auto electrical jobs to us and we will oversee the process for you through our trusted supplier, we stand behind their high quality of work and professionalism.

Vehicle Inspection

Do you need your vehicle assessed before purchase or sale? At Resto Pros we can help make the task manageable for those wanting clarity on their vehicle’s condition.

A vehicle inspection includes a mechanical and body check along with an overall inspection, a report will be handed to you at completion with all relevant information you’ll need.

123-point Mechanical Inspection

We want to ensure your vehicle is safe for you and your family as well as all other road users, our 123-point check covers all mechanical parts of your vehicle.

We will check the interior condition, carefully examine the exterior and under body along with under the hood and a road test, this will all be included in your mechanical inspection.

Resto Rescue©

Any Resto Rescue© we undertake is confidential, so if you’ve had your vehicle restored or partially restored elsewhere and you’re not happy with the results or need an unfinished job completed we may be able to help.

Our team are willing and able to work with you to get your vehicle to the standard that you expect.

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